Stillo specializes in stucco repair/remediation caused by water-intrusion

into the internal wall cavity that if left unmaintained it results in very costly damage

to the structure of your home.  

Many times we find that the source of the water-intrusion is caused by damaged, faulty windows or even improper installation of window it self.   

For that reason we have launched our new branch to the Stillo brand; called Replacement Windows by Stillo, LLC. 

Did you know that the proper way to install windows on a stucco home is to 

remove the stucco directly around all sides of the window, and installing new construction type windows in order to weatherproof internally, and behind the stucco.  By installing replacement type windows without nailing fins,  your only defense against water-intrusion is just a bead of caulking between the stucco and the window frame.   After the caulking ages, the penetration between the stucco and the window frame become vulnerable for water-intrusion

that can cause 10's of thousands of dollar in damage to the structure.   

We want to be your one stop shop when it comes to window installation.  

Call us today for a free quote! 

Our Showroom is almost ready to display and showcase the following great American window brands. 


Stillo Has Moved!  


In the spring of 2019 we moved into our own permanent building located in the heart of

Katy, TX.  on Clay Rd. and Katy Hockley Rd. 

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